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How do I use the tags to follow my team?

The calendar displays all of the information based on "tags". Each team has a tag, each division has a tag and each key area of the website has a tag.

  • Click on "Show Tag Menu"
  • Click on the check boxes that relate to the team or information you want to see. If you click in the "Show All Tags" box, all of the available calendar events will be displayed. If you click "Clear All Tags", all of the boxes will uncheck, giving you the option to select only the teams you wish to view on the calendar.  You can choose as few as one team or you can select to view all.  
  • Once you've selected your teams, click the 'Hide Tag Menu' tab and the calendar will load your selected teams or information..
  • Your internet browser will remember your preferences so the next time you log in on that system, you'll see the same information. If you have a SportNgin account on our site, you will be able to log in from any location and see your selected information.
  • Another option is to go to your team page, where the relevant information for you team will always be displayed.
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