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Below you will find the BMLA Constitution and Bylaws updated for 2016. All other relevant BMLA documents are available for download along with many other lacrosse related guides and information.  

About Lacrosse

Lacrosse in Canada was first declared the National Game of Canada in 1859. In 1994 Parliament passed the Canada's National Sport Act which declared lacrosse to be "Canada's National Summer Sport", with hockey as the national winter sport.

Box lacrosse, also known as indoor lacrosse and sometimes shortened to boxla or simply box, is an indoor version of lacrosse played mostly in North America. The game originated in Canada, where it is the most popular version of the game played in contrast to the traditional field lacrosse game. It is played between two teams of six players each(5 runners & a goalie), and is traditionally played on an ice hockey rink once the ice has been removed or covered. The playing area is called a box, in contrast to the open playing field of field lacrosse. The object of the game is to use a long handled racket, known as a lacrosse stick, to catch, carry, and pass the ball in an effort to score by ultimately hurling a solid rubber lacrosse ball into an opponent's goal.

At the highest level box lacrosse is represented by the Senior A divisions of the Canadian Lacrosse Association (Western Lacrosse Association of the British Columbia Lacrosse Association and Major Series Lacrosse of the Ontario Lacrosse Association), and the National Lacrosse League.

About Barrie Minor Lacrosse

Barrie Minor Lacrosse Association is a non-profit association, fully sanctioned under the Ontario Lacrosse Association(OLA). Our mission is to promote, develop and govern minor lacrosse with emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play at all times. We plan to develop community spirit and encourage good fellowship among all participants to the betterment of their physical, mental and social well-being.