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2020 Registration Information

2020 Registration

Registration for the 2020 box season is NOW OPEN!

Important Registration Information

Please take a minute and read this carefully as it contains important information, with deadlines that affect players who are planning on trying out for Rep.  Some of these deadlines are beyond our control and cannot be extended.

All players who wish to sign up for Rep Tryouts must be fully registered and have paid their registration fee by March 10th.  Players must be registered with the BMLA by March 10th to be considered for ANY release request including if there is no rep team at your age division.  If you have not registered by March 10th, you will not receive a release in any situation.

Note that only the registration fee is due, rep and team fees will only be due after the player has been assigned to a rep team.

Players only wishing to participate in House League can continue to register online up until April 16th when House League is scheduled to start. 

Registration Process:

As in past seasons, we employ a two part process for registration, everything is done online.  

1.) BMLA Website - Register all your contact information, medical history, playing history and indicate if you are playing rep or house league.  After completing the BMLA registration, you will be given a link to the Ontario Lacrosse Association registration site.  

NOTE: If you are registering multiple players, please complete all of them on the BMLA website prior to proceeding to the OLA Website.

2.) OLA Registration Portal - After registering on the BMLA Website, click the link that is presented or the link in your confirmation email to go to the OLA Registration Portal.  This site replaces the old paper forms.  You will be prompted for basic contact information and the programs you wish to register for.  You can register for box and field at once.

NOTE: If you have not used the OLA Portal in the past, you will be prompted to provide your child's birth certificate or other form of age confirmation.  This is mandatory for all players this year, but in future years it will be kept on file.

Fees, age groups and complete registration information can be found below.  This is also where you can start the online registration.

Registration Questions:

Questions regarding registrations should be directed to Rebecca Bye,

Your child will not be registered or assigned to a team unless both the online and in person registration has been completed.  We don’t want parents upset with us because they did not receive notice of a change in venue or time slot for their child's team!