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Sports medicine

Photo Days!

05/17/2017, 2:45pm EDT
By Andrew Prestwich

Team and Individual Photos will be taken on Tuesday May 23rd and Wednesday May 24th at Holly Rec Centre.  Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your time to find your team and get lined up.  Team and Individual Photos are included with your fees, additional copies and products will be on offer from the Photographer.

Tuesday May 23rd Team   Wednesday May 24th Team
6:00pm PPWT Development   6:00pm Novice Aviators
6:15pm PPWT Aviators   6:15pm Novice Gunners
6:30pm PPWT Navigators   6:30pm Novice Bombardiers
6:45pm PPWT Gunners   6:45pm Novice Navigators
7:00pm PPWT Select   7:00pm Peewee 2 Rep
7:15pm Tyke Aviators   7:15pm Tyke Rep
7:30pm Tyke Navigators   7:30pm Bantam Rep
7:45pm Tyke Bombardiers   7:45pm Midget Rep
8:00pm Peewee Aviators   8:00pm Novice 1 Rep
8:15pm Peewee Navigators   8:15pm Novice 2 Rep
8:30pm Peewee Bombardiers   8:30pm  
8:45pm Peewee Gunners   8:45pm Peewee 1 Rep


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