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Box Lacrosse Tryouts

03/06/2019, 8:15pm EST
By Jacob Wagner

Important Tryout Information for Box Rep Players:

Tryouts will start during the week of March 25th and continue the following week.  Each player who tries out will be guaranteed two tryouts provided they are present for the first week.  Coaches are not obligated to give two tryouts to players who miss the first week.

Please read this notice in its entirety to ensure full understanding of the process.

Costs & Registration

The cost is $30 per player and is payable onsite by cash, debit or credit.

All players must be fully registered and have their registration fees paid prior to going on the floor.  Financial considerations will be made by the treasurer if warranted.  Please contact:

If you are unsure if you child is properly registered, please email:




Selection Process

Barrie Minor Lacrosse makes every effort to have two teams at most age groups as registration numbers and coaches are available.  This year, we will be having two teams in Novice, Peewee and Bantam.

 Where two teams are possible, coaches are asked to make selections based on a preference of a major/minor system with the "1" team built from players in the major (older) year of birth, and the "2" team focused on players in the minor (younger) year of birth.  In select cases, spots on first entry teams may be offered to exceptional players who are minor aged.

Why has BMLA implemented a major/minor system?

In 2017, our competition committee was given the mandate to improve the consistency and overall quality of lacrosse development in Barrie, with the goal of regularly having all "1" teams competing at the A or B level by 2022.

We examined successful programs from across the province and found that the key to long-term success was implementing a major/minor system as early as possible. This helps with the development of players as a unit and keeps both teams strong and competitive.  We implemented this at the Peewee, Novice, and Tyke levels in 2018.  We expect to begin to see results in 2019 as we move towards our 2022 goals.

Selection & Cuts

All players should attend the first week of tryouts, regardless of their year of birth.  After the first week, coaches from the “1” team will be making some cuts.  Players who are cut from the ‘1” team should plan on attending a tryout for the “2” team during the week of April 8th.  

Coaches from the second team will also be able to offer positions to players on their team following the first week’s tryouts.  These players may be asked to return during the second week of tryouts to get floor time and allow for scrimmages.

The decision of the coach is final.  Players not offered a spot on the 1st or 2nd team will be assigned to a House League team where available.  Releases will not be given where a house league option exists.

Questions about tryouts should be directed to Luke Ringler:

Thank You.

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